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We give thanks for the lives of two women, whose friendship and generosity have blessed our community.

The Benedictine Monks of
Weston Priory
Highlights From the Fall/Winter 2000 Bulletin

Friendships Founded in God


One of the co-foundresses of our Benedictine Sisters' congregation in Mexico, Mother Plácida Barrios, is often quoted as saying that friendships founded in God never end.

It is surely an expression of our resurrection faith that all our human loves and friendships will not be lost, but will be gathered into the overflowIng life of the God of the Living.

We trust that, in the mystery of God's loving embrace, our own human friendships will be transformed and fulfilled. In this resurrection faith, we give thanks for the lives of two women, whose friendship and generosity have blessed our community.

  • Grace Carroll, mother of our Brother Augustine, died this past spring. She was a lively presence in our monastery office during the 1970s. Born in lndiana, she married and moved to Canada, and delighted in bringing her unique Canadian perspective to affairs in the United States. A talented seamstress, she did much of the sewing of habits and other prayer garments for the community. Her generosity and zest for life touched a great many people, who filled the chapel for the Eucharist and burial in July.

  • Ann Gallagher, together with her husband Jim, and their young family, moved from the South to Manchester, Vermont, and began regularly joining the community for prayer. Ann took over the responsibilities in our monastery office, gifting us with her loving gentleness, her strong capabilities, and the friendship of the whole family. As their children grew, Ann and Jim moved back to the South. She died in November of 1999. A memorial service was celebrated here at the monastery in July.
Eucharist, thanksgiving, is our spontaneous response for the gift of these friendships, gathered into the mystery of God's loving embrace.


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