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Highlights From the Spring/Summer 2004 Bulletin

To a Firefly

    With blinding brilliance
           you scar the sky
                  my brother firefly.
    With artless grace
           you trace your course
                  across the sky.
    Dark gloom lights up with joy
           as arching,
                  you dart by.
    But sudden, the mystery descends
           and lost from sight,
                  I sigh.
    Where did you go
           those moments darkness stole you
                  from my eye?
    Was it heaven or hell
           or other world
                  did draw you nigh?
    God's mystery you are
           I dare not penetrate;
    But gaze I will in wonder
           at your earthless light that shatters night
    But then is swallowed by
           some love, perhaps?
                  dear brother firefly.
                                               -- Brother John

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