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CD: Calm Is the Night


Times of Prayer and Song at Weston Priory

With this recording we would like to share with you two times of prayer at the priory: the early morning Vigil Prayer, and Evening Song.

To view or download lyrics click on each song title.

Vigil Prayer

  1. Calm Is The Night / Christ, Yesterday and Today 1:42
  2. I Lift My Eyes (Psalm 121) 3:02
  3. Reading 0:54
  4. For We Are Free 3:26
  5. Gospel Reading: Praise To The Father 1:25
  6. A Place To Go 4:18
  7. We Go On Waiting 1:10
    Time: 15:57

Evening Song

  1. Monastery Bells: The Spirit Within Us 1:28
  2. By The Rivers Of Babylon (Psalm 137) 3:06
  3. Happy Man (Psalm 1) 3:00
    Happy The Just Ones (Inclusive Language)
  4. Reading 2:05
  5. When With A Friend 3:30
  6. Litany / Healing Prayer / The Lord's Prayer 3:35
  7. Peace To You 3:10
    Time: 19:54
► Total time: 35:51
Inclusive Language Musical Notations
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