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CD Wisdom at Play
Wisdom at Play
CD Pilgrimage of the Heart
Pilgrimage of the Heart
CD With an Everlasting Love
With an Everlasting Love
CD Formed From This Earth
Formed From This Earth
CD Move With One Heart
Move With One Heart
CD Parting the Waters
Parting the Waters
CD Song in Our Silence
Song in Our Silence
CD Hear the Song of Your People
Hear the Song of Your People
CD When We Return to the Source
When We Return to the Source
CD Christmas Songs
Christmas Songs
CD Go Up to the Mountain
Go Up to the Mountain
CD Spirit Alive
Spirit Alive
CD Listen
CD Calm Is the Night
Calm Is the Night
CD Wherever You Go
Wherever You Go
CD Locusts and Wild Honey
Locusts & Wild Honey
CD Winters Coming Home
Winters Coming Home
Rise Up
Rise Up
So Full of Deep Joy
So Full of Deep Joy
That There May Be Bread
That There May Be Bread

The Song Books contain the guitar chords, melody and words of the recordings.

The Organ Books contain the organ/piano accompaniments and the words, and usually combine two recordings in each book (except " Rise Up" and "So Full of Deep Joy" are in individual books).

The brothers hope that the language of their songs will be inclusive of all persons. You may view or download an Inclusive Language Adaptations PDF to the earlier songs.

Also available in PDF format: Music Published by The Monks of Weston Priory (an alphabetical listing of all their published songs and music, indicating in which recordings and music books the songs can be located).

In order to facilitate the many requests for information on reprinting our music, we have prepared a PDF brochure for Permissions to Use Music of Weston Priory which outlines our current policy under the six categories in which permissions are usually sought from us.

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