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CD: Winter's Coming Home


Songs To Celebrate Winter and Christmas

Growing into a community is an experience of joy and sorrow, of searching, struggling, healing and hoping. The words of these songs are sometimes significant passages from scripture, sometimes poetic expressions of life situations, set to music by the brothers of Weston Priory.

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  1. Winter's Coming Home 2:51
  2. Shepherds and Kings 3:35
  3. Just As Lovely 2:40
  4. Song of Creation 3:34
    Song of Creation (Inclusive Language)
  5. Wind, Where Are You Goin' 2:08
  6. Song Of Thanksgiving 3:40
  7. As The Night Begins 1:41
Time: 20:09
Evening Song of Christmas
  1. God Will Be With Me 2:12
  2. Psalm 96 2:03
  3. Advent/Christmas Antiphon I with Psalm 24 2:32
  4. Morning Softly Awakens 2:51
    Morning Softly Awakens (Inclusive Language)
  5. Gospel Reading and A Light Has Shone 1:36
  6. Litany and Prayer 1:35
  7. A Child is Born 3:16
Time: 16:05

► Total time: 36:14

Inclusive Language Musical Notations
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