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"Let all who come be received as Christ himself, for he will say: 'I was a stranger and you welcomed me."
-- Rule of Benedict
Chapter 53

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Ten Days of Faith & Hospitality
with the People of Mexico

Dates for the Group Experience

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How To Form and Schedule a Group Experience

Forming and Organizing Groups
Dates can be arranged for groups according to the needs of a group or individuals. We would offer to facilitate a dialogue between interested groups and individuals who are seeking to participate in this program.

For Groups of 10 or more persons
Groups of 10 or more persons may propose their own dates for the Experience. Although a 10-day program is customary, we can accommodate requests for shorter periods, for example 7 or 8 days.

For Smaller Groups
We can try to accommodate groups of fewer than 10 persons by combining two or three smaller groups in order to form a group of at least 10 persons. Contact us with proposed dates, and we would try to find another group requesting similar dates in order to organize such a combined program.

For Individuals
Persons who would like to participate in the Experience, but for whom forming a group is not a possibility, can be added to an already existing group if the dates are suitable to them and space available.

Please contact us for more information.

Groups may be formed for a variety of experiences:

  • the full 10 Day Experience as outlined
  • simply to enjoy the hospitality of the Sisters and structure the time in creative ways among themselves.
  • focus the experience on a particular area of interest, such as:

    • the cultural, archeological and/or the ecological heritage of Mexico;
    • the life of the indigenous people, their youth, crafts and cooperatives;
    • alternative forms of health care;
    • developments in human rights;
    • Base Christian Communities;
    • the experience of women in the emerging world;
    • any other area of interest or combination of interests

If you wish to have your name on our mailing list for future information, please send your name and address to the address below.

Please address all inquiries to:
Weston Priory
58 Priory Hill Road
Weston, VT 05161-6400
Attn: Guadalupe Experience

Or e-mail us at

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