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Weston Benedictine Monks
Journey to Nicaragua
Winter Retreat, 2001

Beyond the barrio:
The refugees of Hurricane Mitch


JANUARY 2001 (continued): The interest and care of the small community of Mexican Benedictine sisters reaches far beyond the barrio where they live in Managua.

Through their friendship and association with other religious sisters in the Nicaraguan Conference of Religious, they lend their support to other suffering communities. They accompanied us to visit areas on the outskirts of the capitol city where Hurricane Mitch had exacted a high toll among the poorest in Nicaragua.

In late October and early November 1998, torrential rains that accompanied Hurricane Mitch raised the level of Lake Managua, engulfing entire towns along the shore. Thousands of people were left homeless.

We were able to visit two sites where the victims of the Hurricane were being resettled, Ciudad Sandino and Tipitapa.

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