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They continue to hope that somehow the youthful ideals and vision of that younger generation will not die

Weston Benedictine Monks
Journey to Nicaragua
Winter Retreat, 2001

Remembering the Revolution


When we reach the town of Esteli, we visit the photo museum that honors the fallen heroes of the Sandinista revolution. The museum is a one room building on a busy street. A few elderly women sit behind tables on the porch offering welcome and information.

Inside, the walls are lined with photographs of young men and women who were killed during the revolution. The history of the Revolution is recounted on panels with action photos.

A short distance from the museum, the Mexican sisters lead us to a store that features books and religious articles. In the little courtyard at the back of the store we are introduced to Doña Candidita, the mother of a young poet who was killed during the Revolution. The elderly mother and her daughter who runs the store tell of the life and devotion of the young man.

Dona Candidita
Doña Candidita, left, with Mexican Benedictine Sister Irma

They bring out newspapers, articles, and books containing his passionate poetry on behalf of a new and more just Nicaraguan society. Doña Candidita describes with pride the idealism and the spiritual vision that motivated her son and his young companions.

Then she speaks with sadness of his tragic death at 28 years of age. The daughter expresses the hope that they will be able to publish an anthology of his poems. They continue to hope that somehow the youthful ideals and vision of that younger generation will not die.

In a thoughtful spirit we continue our journey back to San Nicolas.

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