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Rubi learned about herbal medicines from her grandmother.

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Journey to Nicaragua
Winter Retreat, 2001

Barrio Edgar Munguia 2001:
A visit to a health clinic


It's just amazing to see and touch the barrio, the neighborhood, from inside!

A few blocks from the sisters, we visited the health clinic of Sergio and Rubi. They are both medical doctors and their clinic is part of their simple dwelling.

Doctors in front of clinic
Doctors Sergio and Rubi in front of their clinic

In the face of the scarcity of our accustomed pharmaceutical drugs, Sergio and Rubi have developed their skills in acupuncture, massage, and herbal medicines.

Rubi learned about herbal medicines from her grandmother. In the little yard behind the house, she and Sergio cultivate medicinal plants and herbs to treat their patients.

Because of the poverty of their patients, fees have to be minimal. The couple supplement their income by giving talks and workshops around the country.

They have become friends with the sisters, who can attest to the skill, kindness, and generosity of this joyful couple.

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