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'Many of us could not read or write, but we want to learn in order to serve our community better.'

Weston Benedictine Monks
Journey to Nicaragua
Winter Retreat, 2001

San Nicolas de Oriente:
'Though our country is small,
our dream is great'


SAN NICOLAS -- Back in the town, our visit continues with meetings, prayer, and experiences among the people.

In the large meeting room, we gather with "Delegates of the Word," a group of men and women trained by the sisters. These delegates come from the many outlying hamlets and villages around San Nicolas. They lead their local communities in prayer and help in organizing cooperative projects.

A decorative sign on one wall reads, "Though our country is small, our dream is great."

  • Pedro stands up to say, "Many of us could not read or write, but we want to learn in order to serve our community better."

  • Chilito, who is shy, reveals that he had never previously spoken in public but now finds joy in being able to share his experience and his faith with his companions.

  • Ramon, a young man in his mid twenties, shares that he had been addicted to alcohol for several years but with the help of this group he has changed; now he works with the youth groups.

  • Sebastian, a peasant-farmer, no longer 'slashes and burns' after harvest, destroying the soil, but has learned methods to conserve and nourish the valuable earth. By varying his garden crops and composting, he has improved the productivity and quality of food for his family. He rejoices that he can share this experience with his community.

The Delegates of the Word see their leadership in worship, and the sharing of their learning, as all one ministry.

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