The Benedictine Monks of Weston Priory, Vermont
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Life Together in One Heart

The experience that roots and calls forth the brothers' life of prayer, work, hospitality, and out-reach is that of community.

At Weston, community is the basic choice to offer oneself to one's brothers in joyful service, in a common vision and hope, and in abiding faithfulness.

Freedom and spontaneity, self-discipline and generous service of others, joy and celebration, mutuality and commitment: these values are the foundation for the quality of Christian community which the brothers seek.

Simplicity, reverence, and honesty inform the relationships of the brothers with one another, with other communities, and with all of creation.

Thus, with fifteen centuries of Benedictine monastic tradition providing the context and inspiration for their growth and life together, and in communion with communities of faith throughout the world, the monks of Weston Priory continue to search together for the deeper meaning of the Gospel, and through signs of the reign of God, through faithful commitment to one another, and in care and concern for the world around them, THAT ALL MAY BE ONE.

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